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  • Individual and personalized access
  • Security cameras
  • Free Parking
  • Carts to transport your stuff
  • Charge and discharge zone

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Center Trastero Hospitalet (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Rental storage and mini-stores, furniture removals in Barcelona, Hospitalet de Lobregat.

Alquiler de trasteros en Hospitalet

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Security is our main concern and one of the pilars of the operations of Tu Trastero.

That is why:

  • You hold the unique key to your unit. We do not hold copies and do not keep your copy under any circumstances.
  • Our sites feature state of the art passive and active security systems, connected 24h/365 days to central station and private security teams.
  • All our facilities are under 24h C.C.T.V surveillance and feature a dedicated access control system, 365 days a year.
  • Our facilities are regularly inspected by our dedicated private security teams.

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You decide when to access your unit!

You’ll enjoy unlimited access to our facility, therefore to your storage unit, locker or mini warehouse, within our extensive operation hours, 365 days a year.

Nuestra filosofía es ofrecerte un acceso 24 horas, pero siempre con vigilancia humana y electrónica. Desconfía de cualquier otra alternativa.

Access hours of our Sites:
From 8:30h to 20:00h Monday to Thursday; from 8:30h to 19:00h on Fridays;
From 10:00h to 13:00h Saturdays and Sundays.
Month of August from 9:00h to 18:00h Monday to Friday; From 10:00h to 14:00h on Saturdays.

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Our space solution is based on flexibility of choice for our customers, you choose the size of your unit according to your needs as well as the period for which you will be using our services (from 1 week only!)

Futhermore, you can transfer from your current unit to a bigger or smaller size one at any time and no extra charge, according to availability.

You will only pay for the exact amount of days that you have been using your unit, giving us a 7 days notice prior to vacating. A storage unit tailored to your need!!

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We understand that the success of a business relies on its customers, which is why at Tu Trastero, we want our customers to remember us for our professional standards, our high level of services and our responsible and friendly staff.

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You can contract our services in different ways. Choose which suits better your needs.

For your ease, our contract renews itself automatically evry month. You may even pay for your first invoice through Pay-pal.

  • At our store:
    We recommend that you come visit us, get acquainted with our facility and choose your own unit. Your contract will be ready to sign in 5 minutes!
  • Online:
    Fill in the following form, send it back to us and we’ll get the contract ready for you to sign. We will attach the proforma invoice so that you can send the appropriate amount to the bank account that we indicate. Once the money wired received onto our account,
    we will send you a copy of your signed contract along with the payment receipt.
  • From home or from your office:
    You are unable to come and visit us  and have no access to a fax or email? No worries! We will come to you and bring your contract so that you can sign it along with your first invoice which you can pay there and then.
  • Reservation:
    You want to make sure that the unit of your choice will be available?
    You can book up to 15 days in advance! This will give you peace of mind and time to organize your removal!

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En Tu Trastero, damos tanta importancia a la seguridad como a la limpieza e higiene. La limpieza e higiene de nuestras instalaciones es prioritaria ya que cuando nuestros clientes alquilan un trastero, también quieren que sus mercancías y bienes estén en un sitio limpio. Por ello, realizamos las siguientes tareas:

  • Limpieza de los módulo cada vez que cambia de usuario.
  • Limpieza Semanal de Accesos y Pasillos.
  • Limpieza Ocasional y Puntual siempre que se requiera.
  • Limpieza anual de chapas, puertas, pasillos y accesos.
  • Prevención de plagas ya que desinsectamos, desratizamos y desinfectamos con carácter trimestral.
  • También, desinsectamos, desratizamos y desinfectamos, siempre que se requiera.

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